Christoffer Nejrup

Project Manager
+45 2295 0818
Christoffer Nejrup
Agnete Schlichtkrull
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As project manager at the Danish Design Centre, Christoffer Nejrup explores the potential for the use of design in a strategic business capacity. With a strong background in business anthropology, he uses explorative ethnographic methods to acquire knowledge about and challenge the use of design methods as a strategic business tool.

Christoffer is driven by a human-centred design perspective and is curious about exploring the potentials that arise in the interaction of people, technology and business.

Prior to his position at the DDC, Christoffer has worked with product development and innovation management and has also carried out a series of field studies related to academic research. These include a field study among entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley, which looked at creative idea development and the design process involved in creating new start-ups.