Malene Hvidt Thamdrup

Senior Controller
+45 22 41 90 09
Malene Hvidt Thamdrup
Agnete Schlichtkrull
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Malene Hvidt Thamdrup is Senior Controller for Design Society and its associated subsidiaries: Danish Design Centre; Index: Design to Improve Life; Danish Fashion Institute and Copenhagen Fashion Week.

As Senior Controller, she is in charge of the financial management and inspection of the economy and projects of Design Society, along with reviewing procedures and conducting surveys and reportings to central authorities.

Malene holds a Ha.jur and a Cand.merc.aud from Copenhagen Business School. She has previously worked as an auditor at PwC, where she has experience auditing both public companies and small- and medium-sized businesses. From her time in PwC, Malene has knowledge about bookkeeping, procedures, reporting and management and control of company finances.