The Danish Design Centre's top leadership is a board comprised of up to eight members with specific personal qualifications from business, industry and design (including industrial design, communication design and service design) that contribute actively to the DDC’s mission. All the members have to be engaged in active employment and bring in personal qualifications that contribute actively to the DDC’s mission. The chairman is appointed by the minister for business and growth. Day-to-day leadership is handled by the chief executive.

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Board members:

  • Michael Rasmussen (chairman), Senior VP Brand, Velux
  • Charlotte Rønhof, Assistant Director, Confederation of Danish Industry (DI)
  • Thomas Graversen, CCO & Owner, Fredericia Furniture
  • Martin Delfer, Executive Director and Partner, Designit
  • Rasmus Drucker Ibfelt, Partner, Managing Director, e-Types A/S
  • Jens Martin Skibsted, Creative Director, founder, Skibsted ID
Organisation chart for Danish Design Centre