SXSW Interactive 2019
Austin, TX,
United States

SXSW is one of the world’s largest tech-conferences which gathers more than 100,000 people from all over the world to discuss and play with the future of technology. On the contributions-side we have one session in the official program, and also take part in a couple of other sessions on the side (see below). As usual, however, one of the main draws of attending is the ability to take in loads of inspiration on “the next”.

Just as importantly, however, we continue the tradition of sharing our insights and learnings as well as those of other leading Danish participants in a follow-up even in Copenhagen. This will take place in BLOX on Monday March 18 from 14.00-16.00. More information and sign-up form can be found below.

Friday, March 8 2019 – 10.00-10.30 – SXSW City Hall, Austin TX (closed event as part of Civic I/O side-event)

Panel: Resetting The Relationships and Responses Between Tech Companies and Cities 

In acknowledgement of the key role that technology and digitization plays in the future for cities and societies alike, this session will debate the need for a change in the relationship between cities and large technology companies. The world’s first Tech Ambassador, Casper Klynge of Denmark, along with Christian Bason, CEO of Danish Design Center, will lead mayors in a discussion around a dilemma: on one hand, technology will contribute to solving some of the most acute global challenges and bring about a positive transformation with enormous potential for people around the world but on the other hand technology challenges existing frameworks for political influence, governance, policy making and city development. What is mayor’s role in this space?

Speakers: Casper Klynge, Tech Ambassador to Denmark – Christian Bason, CEO Danish Design Centre

Friday, March 8 2019 – 15.30-16.30 – SAP House, Trinity Street, Austin TX

Panel: Human-Centered Tech and Design Shaping Society (official program)

Speakers: Ann Rosenberg, Senior VP & Global Head of SAP Nex-Gen - Casper Klynge, Tech Ambassador to Denmark – Christian Bason, CEO Danish Design Centre

Until very recently the world looked to Silicon Valley and the global tech elites to lead us towards the future: to empower and enlighten people and businesses, to make technology democratic, to provide equality and create a new and more sustainable form of capitalism and society. It is a apparent that this is not the happening the way we imagined it. As it becomes more and more obvious that current big tech models for innovation fails to address basic human needs such as privacy, data protection and sustainability in both economic, social and environmental terms, it is time for new global leadership in tech: One that is equally innovative, but which puts humans first. In other words we need to design differently when we develop business and societies.

More info here.

Saturday, March 9 2019 – 10.00-12.00 – Location TBA (closed event as part of Civic I/O side-event)

Workshop: Civic I/O mayors workshop - How to set up a service design solution capability in your city?

Speakers: Christian Bason, CEO, Danish Design Centre + Christian Villum, Director of Digital & Future Thinking, Danish Design Centre

Closed event for a select group of US city mayors.

POST-SXSW: Monday, March 18 2019 – 14.00-16.00 – BLOX, Bryghuspladsen 8, 1473 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Read more about the event here.

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