A glance at the work of global distributed design front runners
4. september 2019
Distributed design is a new form of global co-creation. Want to see what it looks like?

Distributed design: A new form of global co-creation

Facilitated by the digitalization of design and the maker movement this new era of industry has led to a democratization of design. One of the outcomes thereof is distributed design, which takes design into the work practice of the digital generation and allows for massive, global collaboration to create shared assets that continue to evolve over time.

In relation to the Distributive Design Award 2019 Ceremony, which will be Thursday, the 5th of September in Danish Design Centre, we would like want to highlight four examples of very interesting design cases who has taken part in this year’s program as candidates for the distributed design award.

GOMI Design
GOMI Design
We mine plastic waste that is not recycled by councils and make beautiful tech out of it.

Technology is one of the most unsustainable industries in the world. GOMI Design wants to show that there is an alternative way that utilises circular economic principles and complete waste materials to make technology products out of.

The goal is to create beautiful minimal sustainable tech products made from flexible plastic waste that would have otherwise ended up in landfill, burned or end up in our environment. The design studio’s first product is a revolutionary bluetooth speaker made from plastic trash that would otherwise end up in landfill or the oceans.

The distributed manufacture supposes a change of production model more fair and sustainable.

Aalvor is a table lamp for ambient lighting in the home. The design has been inspired by the organic geometries of Alvar Aalto and the Nordic winter landscapes. Ice, water and wood coexist in this particular timeless Christmas tree integrating three, digital manufacturing techniques, to highlight its white main piece printed in 3D.

New standard for 3D printing and product design, reviving the possibilities of local production.

Batch.Works is on a mission to provide a new standard for 3D printing and product design. With the aim to revive the possibilities of local manufacturing using recycled & responsibly sourced materials. The company aims to disrupt the production & manufacturing industry through streamlining the process in an efficient & eco-friendly way – controlling every step of design, fabrication and packing. These industries have been heavily impacted by standardised, mass-produced products – that don’t respond to local demands.

The vision is to revolutionise these slow, rigid & costly manufacturing methods with a radically more efficient 3D printing process – the Batch.factory. Through a distributed production network, international designers can submit their designs for review to their platform The company will then select the best and most innovative designs to produce and sell.

The Fang design focuses on to use local wood material in the most sustainable way.

Fang is a bench made from Icelandic wood in local prisons and an example for experimental design. The vision is to work with the certainty that every project offers opportunities to create an exciting experience and an enjoyable environment, that improves the quality of life and our society.

Distributed Design Award is an effort by EU-funded ‘Distributed Design Market Platform’-initiative, which explores the notion of distributed design and which we in Danish Design Centre are excited to be part of shaping and learning from.

By distributing the design practice every actor involved in the designing process are looking into a future of new opportunities, and are extremely curious towards exploring what that looks like. This comes from an ambition to be at the forefront of design practice and learning from the changes, both gradual and radical, and contributing to the future of the world in which we all become increasingly aware of new ways of working and, most importantly, creating fully sustainable solutions.

Who is Distributed Design Market Platform?

Distributed Design Market Platform is a platform membership of 12 partners, supported by the European Union through the Creative Europe fund and an Advisory Board made up of experts related to Distributed Design.

You can read more about the project here.

Distributed Design Market Platform


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