Nordic Design Competition: Here are the winners
6. november 2018
The Nordic juries have now selected the national winners of the Nordic Design Competition. Combined, the selected chairs demonstrate both the depth and variety that is distinctive of sustainability in Nordic furniture design – from the proposal of new natural materials, to a methodical im-provement of the production processes, leading to a significant reduction in the emission of CO2 into our environment.

We are happy to announce the national winners of the Nordic Design Competition. One chair from each of the Nordic countries have been chosen by the juries. These chairs will be sent to COP24 in Katowice, Poland, by the Nordic Council of Ministers, where they will be part of an exhibition on sustainability at the 'Nordic Pavilion'. Here the chairs will get a big exposure, as more than 30,000 people are expected to participate. In addition, the chair will be used for panel discussions on the stage. All of the finalists (10 chairs from each of the Nordic countries) will be part of a poster exhibition at the pavilion. At the conference, a Nordic winner will be chosen through a ‘People’s Choice’ where attendees and delegates will vote on their favourite of the five Nordic winners.

The national winners can be seen via the link below:


The national finalists from each of the Nordic countries can be seen via the links below:

DK finalists
FI finalists
IS finalists
NO finalists
SE finalists

The Nordic winner

The winning chair will be exhibited for a year at the Danish showroom 'Design Werck' in Copenhagen. In addition, the chair and the designers/manufacturers will be used in a broad international communication strategy for sustainability, managed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The competition is hosted by the Nordic Council of Ministers in collaboration with Danish Design Centre, DOGA, Iceland Design Centre, Ornamo in Finland and Swedish Form. Questions can be addressed to Danish Design Centre



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