SXSW 2017: Co-create your perfect city
Workshop fredag d. 10. marts om design i byudvikling, arrangeret i samarbejde med DesignForum Finland, svenske SVID og Fjord Austin/Chaotic R&D.
Agnete Schlichtkrull

Fredag d. 10/3-2017: 

Paneldebat/workshop (side event): ‘Co-create your perfect city’

  • Sted: Fjord Austin/Chaotic R&D, 319 Congress Ave #200, Austin TX
  • Tid: Fredag d. 10. marts kl 16-18.
  • Tilmelding: Åbent hus, kom i god tid for at sikre en plads.


  • Katrine Rau, Fjord Design
  • Mette Søs Lassesen, Ramboell
  • Martin Brynskov, Aarhus University

Moderator: Direktør for Dansk Design Center, Christian Bason.

I samarbejde med vores søsterorganisationer i henholdsvis Finland og Sverige, dvs. DesignForum Finland og SVID, står vi bag en serie på tre workshops, som sætter fokus på anvendelsen af strategisk design indenfor tre temaer: Sundhed, byudvikling og fremtidens fabrikation. De tre workshops vil være en kombination af oplæg fra nordiske eksperter og virksomheder og vil samtidig indeholde interaktive elementer, hvor deltagerne selv kan prøve kræfter med nordiske designmetoder i praksis.

Første workshop arrangeres ydermere i samarbejde med Fjord Austin/Chaotic R&D  i Austin, og sætter fokus på design i byudvikling igennem følgende vinkel:

Cities around the world are increasingly seen as the main force in innovation. Businesses, new technology and new ideas play an important role in determining the future of these cities, however many of them still struggle with how to facilitate and scale new concepts as well as engage businesses within city development. This session takes its point of departure in a case study and will focus on how a medium-sized city can best transform a centrally-located transit hub into a vibrant destination and public space using heavy engagement of businesses.  Participants in the session will hear presentations, discuss with the expert panel as well as be broken into small working teams that will tackle concrete problems head on and learn how to apply strategic design methods in problem-solving. In typical nordic-style design brainstorm fashion, at the end of the session, each group will present their thinking on how to best solve the challenges laid out in the case and engage in a discussion on the results and ideas with the panel experts - and each other.

The design tools and methods used for the session will be available under an open license after the workshop so that they can be used freely by anyone.

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Om talerne:

Mette Søs Lassesen
Mette Søs Lassesen

Mette S. Lassesen is responsible for Market Development in North America on behalf of the Ramboll Group with a particular focus on Planning and Urban Design/ Livable Cities. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Ramboll is an international engineering and design consultancy and provider of management consulting services to both the public and the private sectors. With 13.000 employees in offices across the World, Ramboll works across the markets: Buildings, Transport, Planning and Urban Design, Water, Environment and Health, Oil and Gas, Energy and Management Consulting.

Martin Brynskov
Martin Brynskov

Martin Brynskov, Ph.D., is Associate Professor in Interaction Technologies at the Digital Living Research Commons at Aarhus University in Denmark where he is als director of the Digital Design Lab. He is chair of the global Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative and coordinator of two large-scale IoT and smart cities projects, OrganiCity and SynchroniCity. He did his PhD with LEGO and chaired the Media Architecture Biennale in 2012 and 2014. In addition to his PhD in Computer Science/HCI, he holds an M.A. in Information Studies and Classical Greek.

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