About Boxing Future Health
Where and what are the future possibilities for growth and welfare? The health sector is facing massive changes. The demographic development, along with the hasty rise of new technologies and broad structural changes mean that it is time to consider the future.

Along with experts in the fields of scenario development and future research, as well as actors from the industry, the Danish Design Centre initiates the development of a number of visual and tactile future scenarios. These serve to paint a picture of the health sector 2050. The scenarios are designed to be sufficiently concrete to frame a number of strategic debates, political dialogues, and innovative development processes. The purpose is to ensure a better basis for dialogue and decision-making, a better health care system, and a strengthened economic growth.

The goal is to create plausible future scenarios in which key actors of the health sector, leading businesses, and designers unite to discover new markets, new business models and prepare for the future.

The program is created by the Danish Design Centre in close cooperation with actors from both the private and the public sector. We invite anyone to contact us regarding inputs and ideas, or possible involvement for you or your company. 

Project manager Anne Danielsen,