About Copenhagen Street Lab
Copenhagen Street Lab is a smart city test area in the heart of Copenhagen, which is designed to test digital solutions for urban challenges.
Copenhagen Street Lab
Copenhagen Street Lab

Copenhagen Street Lab uses network technologies and sensors to reduce air pollution and noise, to optimize the collection of garbage, create intelligent parking solutions and not least to offer wifi. The project is based on the formation of open standards, that strengthen the innovation around smart city technology in the cities.

Copenhagen Street Lab is run by Copenhagen Solutions Lab and invites citizens, decision-makers, businesses and researchers to take part in the open innovation processes in Street Lab and through that gain the advantages of the potentials of new digital technologies in developing the city of the future. The aim, besides testing tangible technological solutions, is to answer questions such as; how do we as a society create more liveable and sustainable cities? In which ways should a city invest in digital infrastructure and technology? What kind of innovation is needed and what are the business potentials for these solutions? And last but not least, how do we co-create solutions for urban challenges across the above-mentioned groups of society?

Design processes pave the way for easier innovation 

In the first stage of the project, Danish Design Centre has contributed with a structured design process which has brought current operators together in a string of workshops, to the end of clarifying the process of how businesses can benefit from Copenhagen Solutions Lab. Also how concrete challenges, that the municipality of Copenhagen wishes to get solved, as well as how  free innovation project can take place side by side in the area – giving businesses the opportunity to contribute their expertise and new ideas in both fields.

The first stage has been a stepping stone for the projects next stage, which will be launch in the second half of 2016, the detailed planning is in the pipeline.


Project owner: Copenhagen Street Lab/the municipality of Copenhagen in collaboration with TDC Business, CISCO, and Citelume. Ongoing projects in collaboration with Leapcraft and a string of other businesses  – and more to come.

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