About the Danish Design Centre

As Denmark’s national design centre, it is the DDC’s mission to promote the use of design in business and industry, to help professionalise the design industry and to document, promote and brand Danish design in Denmark and abroad. In other words, the DDC aims to ensure the best possible meeting between the supply and demand sides in the design field.

The DDC’s key approach in this encounter is systematic experimentation with design-based value creation in companies. The DDC has a vision of contributing to making design one of the three most important positions of strength for Danish companies.

Denmark has a unique design narrative. The DDC is rooted in history and in the qualities that Danish design stands for, but it is also oriented towards the future. The DDC operates in a complex environment at the intersection of business and industry, the design profession, education and research institutions and public institutions. We have high ambitions but also a sense of humility and a clear understanding that the task of increasing companies’ use of design can only be addressed in open partnerships.

The DDCs mission is reflected in a number of platforms, strategic focus areas. The platforms serve as the basis of the DDC’s development and scaling of initiatives and programmes.