Join the debate event series 'Debatter UNDERBROEN', where Danish Design Centre and UNDERBROEN zoom in on the challenges and opportunities of the emerging new production paradigm characterized by advanced production technology, global open source trends and increasingly easily available hardware.

As part of our focus on Future Fabrication, Danish Design Centre in collaboration with UNDERBROEN, the new laboratory for urban production in Copenhagen, organise a series of debates on how new technology will challenge as well as enrich the Danish production sector – as well as how it impacts society at large. Together with leading experts, we examine the challenges and opportunities technology brings – and how design as a method, approach and mindset can contribute to the way new technology can be used to meet the needs of citizens, the market and society in general.

What characterises the future production paradigm? Why is this highly relevant right now, and what are the consequences of current developments? How can design as a tool and mindset help keep up with and influence latest technological trends?

Each debate focuses on a specific theme within Danish Design Centre’s work under the Future Fabrication banner.