About Nordic Design Resource
In collaboration with sister organizations in Norway, Finland, Iceland and Sweden, the Danish Design Centre aims to map and systemize the Nordic design resources.

A full overview of existing design resources in the Nordic countries has not yet been compiled. The design field has expanded greatly the past decade to include several new actors and disciplines such as service design, interaction design and strategic design. The Danish Design Centre has initiated the project Nordic Design Resources in collaboration with sister organisations in Norway, Finland, Iceland and Sweden with the aim to map and systemize the Nordic design resources. These insights will enable us to develop a tool from where companies can easily navigate in the design landscape and locate a suitable designer or design agency for their needs.

The Nordic countries build on a long design tradition – a tradition where design is fully embedded in everyday life. Globally, the Nordic countries are recognised for their design; whether we speak of furniture, fashion or the way Nordic countries design breast cancer treatment in hospitals, how female designers design VOLVO concept cars for women or how Ponsse designs forest machines perfect for harvesting timber around the world in extreme conditions. However, this unique approach to design has not yet been clearly defined. We believe that the Nordic countries can harvest great competitive advantages by better exposure of their existing design resources as well as positioning themselves as an advanced design community across country borders.

The Ambition
Nordic Design Resource aims to create a full overview of the design resources in the Nordic countries via data generated on the basis of a new design typology. The need for a new design typology defining the current design field was identified in September 2016. The Danish Design Centre facilitated a workshop to uncover the design capacity in Denmark; the design supply that will ensure access to the necessary design resources leading to growth and job creation. Present at the workshop were 20+ representatives from the Danish design ecosystem including businesses, agencies, educational institutions, design associations, design intermediary organisations and ministries. They all shared the opinion that a new design typology is crucial in the effort to increase awareness of what design is and how it adds value to businesses. In addition, a new typology will ease the process of gathering data on industry developments.

When a better overview of the design resources is achieved it will be clear whether the demand of design resources matches the supply. It is the ambition that the results of Nordic Design Resource will add to the continuous development of an advanced design industry.

Nordic Design Resource will run one year from September 2017 in collaboration with DOGA – Design and Architecture Norway, Design Forum Finland, Iceland Design Centre and SVID – Swedish Industrialdesign. The project has received 50% funding from Nordic

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