Anne Christine Lyder Andersen

Chief of Staff
+45 3131 7374
Anne Christine Lyder Andersen
Agnete Schlichtkrull
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As chief of staff, Anne Christine Lyder Andersen is the liaison between the Danish Design Centre’s organization, management, board, the group of owners, and sponsors. Anne is responsible for Danish Design Centre’s performance contract with sponsors and owners, the relationships with Ministries, regions, and municipalities and the executive management of the board of Danish Design Centre and Design Society. Anne is also responsible for measuring the impact of the Danish Design Centre.

Anne is passionate about delivering results that allow the organization’s leadership and staff to focus on the big and important projects.

Anne had her professional ‘upbringing’ in a politically led organization, and her previous work experience includes assisting the permanent secretary of state for business and growth and administrative services for the Danish Growth Council. This has given Anne great insight into the political agendas and key players in the field of business, growth, and innovation. Anne holds an MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen.