Anne Danielsen

Senior Service Designer
+45 2277 1115
Anne Danielsen
Agnete Schlichtkrull
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Anne Danielsen is senior service designer of the development platform DesignHealth, where she focuses on the ways in which design can create health effect and services that places the patient in the center.

Based on her practical experience as a service designer, she is in possession of a great deal of optimism regarding design thinking. Simultaneously, she has a curious and accommodating attitude towards the complexities of reality, particularly within the health industry.

With a background in industrial design, Anne has a keen eye for the interaction between the user and the product. Her strength lies in exploring human behaviour and human needs, as both are crucial in the development of sustainable changes – whether these are concerning products, services or strategies. Apart from a master’s degree in Industrial Design, Anne has practical experience with service design within the field of energy, transportation, education, foodstuffs, tourism and telecoms.

Currently, Anne is heading two major projects. One is the Danish Design Center's contribution to The Capital Region of Denmarks's innovation strategy in 2017. The second is Boxing Future Health - a scenario and design project that explores possible futures for the health sector in the year 2050.