Astrid Stokholm Sørensen

Project Manager
+45 5335 6381
Astrid Stokholm Sørensen
Agnete Schlichtkrull
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Astrid is part of the Danish Design Centre’s communications team, and mainly works with digital communication – both in practical terms, in the form of social media, video and web development, but also in the form of communication advice for the design centre’s various programmes. Astrid has previously been Head of Operations & Communications at the Danish Design Centre's incubator InnoFounder.

Astrid often works as a liaison between different professions, e.g. project manager, developer and graphic designer. With a candidate in Visual Culture and Identity from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Design School and a bachelor in Digital Media and Design from the IT University, Astrid has a broad understanding of digital communication ranging from coding to visuals to written content.