Boxing Future Health

The health sector is facing massive changes, so where and what are the future possibilities for welfare? More than 3000 have now visited and interacted with the future laboratory Boxing Future Health where leaders, educators, policy makers and citizens can peek into the several possible futures of 2050.
Boxing Future Health

“Boxing Future Health allowed us to work with the future in an innovative, playful, and relevant way, contributing with lots of food for thought on a strategic and practical level.”

Jakob K. Voldum, Director, Insights & Strategy, Designit

Boxing Future Health takes the form of four cylinders which you can enter to feel, smell, and listen to alternative futures for healthcare anno 2050. The four scenarios, which have been developed with Public Futures and Fokstrot in collaboration with 100 experts from the field of healthcare, make the future present and tangible. This gives us a chance to do something even more important than predicting the future; creating it.

This might sound abstract. And it is, too. But this is exactly the purpose of Boxing Future Health, says Program Director at Danish Design Centre, Sara Strigler:

“The laboratory gives us the chance to think radically differently about the healthcare service of 2050. There is a tendency towards healthcare politics being a question of giving new billions to cancer treatments rather than of how we create services and solutions leading to illness being a secondary element of life. And this makes it difficult to initiate the more profound discussions.”

With Boxing Future Health we offer a range of innovation processes from which businesses can draw inspiration and challenge themselves to develop new products, business potentials, or strategic opportunities.

Work with the FUTURE in your company
Do you wish to work with future healthcare service? Together we will find a format suiting your company or organisation, but here are a couple of suggestions:

Boxing Future Health - scenarios for future health 2050
Get a thorough introduction to the process and scenarios of Boxing Future Health in this article
#1 Listen to the future - an inspirational presentation
#1 Listen to the future - an inspirational presentation

If you are organising a conference, a festival, or a strategy course and want some inspiration for the discussions of the day.

Listen to the future is a one-hour interactive and inspirational presentation of the four scenarios with recorded stories and reflections cards for all participants (from 25-500 participants). The presentation will make the participants wonder and reflect on their own conception of the healthcare landscape of the future.

#2 Touch the future - a workshop
#2 Touch the future - a workshop

If your company or organisation want to explore future business potentials, markets, and strategic directions, daring to dig the first sod towards a design driven innovation process.

Touch the future is a workshop in the future lab for a group of innovators or business developers from the same organisation, who will collectively explore alternative futures within the field of healthcare. The output of the workshop can be a design brief specifying a business potential for the company or organisation.

#3 Create the future - an innovation process
#3 Create the future - an innovation process

If you are a company or organisation facing a larger transformation and want to implement an innovation process in which you work actively with future health and solutions.

The headline for the process could be strategic business development, radical transformation, or design-driven innovation.

Create the future is a 3-5-month process taking as the starting point the future lab. The innovation process takes the form of two or three sprints, each consisting of full-day workshops. The first sprint focuses on the distant future (2050) while the subsequent sprints are about the near future in which concrete solutions and actions are carried out. The purpose is to design solutions and initiatives meeting the needs of and creating the healthcare service of the future.

Up to 24 dedicated employees will participate in workshops, and a project team of 3-5 employees participate in the organisation and realisation of the output of the process. Moreover, a team of external experts will contribute to the process.

Do you want to book a course or hear more about Boxing?
If you want to hear more about how your company can use Boxing Future Health, or do you have any questions or comments, please contact Sara Gry Striegler on

What do people say about Boxing Future Health?

1467 participants have already worked with Boxin Future Health, among them Nordsjællands Hospital, Københavns Professionshøjskole, Børneriget, Aalborg Universitet, Sundheds- og Ældreministeriet, Tryg Forsikring, Medicoindustrien, Innovation Roundtable, Danske Regioner, Beijing Design Week, Danske Bioanalytikere, Hvidovre Hospital, Designit, Diagnostisk Center – Rigshospitalet, Region Hovedstaden.

Here’s what they say:

“Boxing Future Health was a real kick-start to our work with future scenarios for healthcare services. It has been invaluable for us to get such a compact introduction to such a grand theme, and in such a pedagogical and engaging way. This has without doubt made our own process more tangible and solid. It was a great inspiration for us all.”

- Jannicke Schumann-Olsen, Innovationsdirektør, Tryg Forsikring

“Boxing Future Health allowed us to work with the future in an innovative, playful, and relevant way, contributing with lots of food for thought on a strategic and practical level.”

– Jakob K. Voldum, Director, Insights & Strategy, Designit

“We have to start thinking much more about integrated solutions created in partnerships between various actors across the continuum of care. Boxing Future Health shows us how design can provide us with the tools to look into the future, explore what society will look like and which needs will emerge within healthcare. It shows us how that can influence what we are doing today in the way we deliver healthcare.

— Sean Carney, Chief Design Officer, Philips


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