Cecilie Bang Schulze

Project Manager
+45 2618 6306
Cecilie Bang Schulze
Agnete Schlichtkrull
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Cecilie Bang Schulze works as a project manager at the Danish Design Centre. As part of the Design Cities team, she develops and leads projects in the intersection of design, urban development, public actors and businesses.

Cecilie is committed to developing livable cities and to explore how design methods can contribute to innovate our communities and foster new partnerships.

Currently, Cecilie is the project manager of the collaboration between the Danish Design Centre and the municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn. The aim is to create new ambitious and scalable mobility solutions for cities as well as for rural areas. The project is being launched with a conference and workshop hosted by the Danish Design Centre in collaboration with the World Economic Forum in June 2018.

Cecilie has a bachelor’s degree in Art History and a master’s degree in Modern Culture with the focus on Urbanity and Aesthetics from the University of Copenhagen. She has profound knowledge within the field of urban development, architecture and city research and has over 4 years of experience as a development consultant and project manager from the design agency 2+1 Idébureau. As a consultant, she worked to create strong strategic and creative solutions in the intersection of communication, design and urban development and also gained great experience various types of analysis, process design, user involvement, strategic communication and developing strategies.