Christina Melander

Programme Director
Christina Melander
Agnete Schlichtkrull
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Christina Melander is programme director and responsible for the Danish Design Centre’s strategic platform Design Dimensions, which is creating new knowledge and new partnerships, projects, and programmes that contribute to the professionalisation of the Danish design industry and branding of Danish design nationally and internationally.

Christina is committed to disseminating knowledge about how design helps drive important positive changes and why companies that use design strategically do better, create more jobs and generate more growth. Therefore, Christina is passionate about initiating and carrying out projects aimed at not only conveying good stories but inspire real-life action.

Christina is Head of Danish Design Award that annually celebrates the difference design can make for businesses and society. The Danish Design Award is a joint creation of the Danish Design Centre and the alliance of design professionals, Design denmark. In 2018, the aim is to increase the awareness of the difference design makes using the award as the enabler as well as strengthen development and value creation among finalists and winners through community driven activities. 

Further Christina is involved in mapping the Nordic design resources that will generate new data on the design industries in all the Nordic countries. The project is a collaboration between the Danish Design Centre, the Norwegian Design and Architectural Centre, Design Forum Finland, Iceland Design Centre and Swedish Industrial Design. The project is co-funded by Nordic Innovation. Christina also offers professional feedback to the DDC’s project managers and is involved in strategy and business development.

Christina has been with the DDC since 2000 and holds an MSc in Design and Communication Management from the Copenhagen Business School.