Coloplast: From focus on the bladder to focus on the user
5. December 2016
Visiting Coloplast's headquarters in Humlebæk, the first thing that greets you is a large poster picturing a smiling elderly man. This is not accidental.

The focus on the human - the user - expressed by the poster is a core value to Coloplast today. Since Lars Rasmussen took office as CEO in 2008 he's been in charge of a comprehensive design-driven change, which has led Coloplast from its prior focus on pharmaceutical products to its current focus on creating empathetic solutions that take the everyday lives of users into account.

This is the kind of thinking that drives the Coloplast innovate and develop products today. The company is a state of the art example of a design-driven company, which uses the user insights and empathy central to design as part of the overall strategy, ensuring cohesion between products, branding and core values.

Design is an important tool when it comes to realising Coloplast's growth ambitions. Particularly user satisfaction, along with the design awards we win, indicate whether our design effort has the intended impact.

Hans Falleboe, Head of Design in Coloplast

When Coloplast innovate and develop new products, design is used to ensure that the solutions are simple, functional, and aesthetic lifestyle products created to fit into the everyday lives of users rather than looking like pharmaceutical products that create associations to sickness and life as a patient.

Today, Coloplast has a large user-centered innovation and design department. The holistic design thinking shines through in the way the company takes its users into account in the development phase; from focusing on the bladder to focusing on the user, and his or her everyday life.