Network: Copenhagen Hardware Alliance
26. October 2017
The Danish Design Centre is part of new alliance to build a stronger hardware community in Denmark.
Agnete Schlichtkrull

A shift is happening in the manufacturing landscape. Cheaper technology, digitization and new production facilities are paving the way for startups and designers. But despite a growing digital startup scene, creators and entrepreneurs dealing with hardware and tangible products still struggle to design, develop, manufacture, and distribute their products. We need to create a better community for hardware innovators in Denmark and this is why the Copenhagen Hardware Alliance has come to life.

The Danish Hardware Alliance is founded in a collaboration between innovators from The Danish Society of Engineers, The City of Copenhagen, Idemolab, CIID and The Danish Design Centre. The goal is to build an open environment for Danish-based hardware practitioners based on transparency and collaboration. This will be an important first step to create a better shared understanding of the processes of developing hardware technologies and bringing them to market.

Hardware meetups
To kickstart the hardware community the Copenhagen Hardware Alliance will invite the hardware ecosystem to a series of hardware meetups where entrepreneurs, service providers, designers, investors and incubators and entrepreneurs working with hardware will meet up, network, exchange knowledge and collaborate.

Read about the first meetup November 1: Copenhagen Hardware Meetup

For questions about the Copenhagen Hardware Alliance, contact Programme Director Julie Hjort,