Denmark hosts Fab City Global Summit 2017
22. May 2017
In collaboration with Fab City Research Lab in Barcelona, the Danish Design Centre, Copenhagen Municipality, Maker and Fab Lab UNDERBROEN will be hosting the official Fab City Global Summit 2017 in Copenhagen, 7-8 September 2017.
Fab City

Fab City is a global push to promote the development of locally productive and globally connected cities. Multiple cities are collaborating to develop a new urban model, in which the production and recycling of materials is concentrated in the cities using new technology, and imports and exports are increasingly centred on data (information, knowledge and design). 

The ambition is to create resilient cities that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions while drastically increasing entrepreneurship, local production and economic growth. Fab Cities is thus based on the technological hyperinnovation and entrepreneurial energy that is flourishing within the Maker Movement's Fab Labs all around the world.

So far, almost 20 cities and regions worldwide, such as Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Boston, Detroit and Shenzhen have become "Fab Cities". The projects involved an international consortium of partners, including Waag Society in Amsterdam, RCA in London, OuiShare in Paris and companies such as Nike and IKEA. In Denmark, the project is run by the Danish Design Centre and Copenhagen Municipality but will include a large and wide group of partners from businesses, the industry and civil society.

The yearly Fab City Global Summit will be held in Copenhagen in 2017. Here, experts on circular economy, city planning, digitalisation, new business models and sustainable production will gather to develop Copenhagen as well as other Fab Cities all over the world.

Fab City Global Summit 2017 will take place Thursday and Friday, 7th to 8th. September 2017 in Copenhagen. The programme, place and practical details will be announced later this year.

In 2016 Fab City Global Summit took place in Amsterdam. Paris will host next year's summit in 2018.

If you would like to hear more or get involved, feel free to contact:

The Danish Design Centre, Christian Villum ( & Julie Hjort (

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