Denmark launches new award for Distributed Design
31. May 2018
A new award for distributed design was launched at The Danish Design Award in Copenhagen, Denmark. The winner, Nextfood, could be a major game changer in the food production industry.
The first ever Distributed Design Award was presented to Nextfood by Tomas Diez.
Agnete Schlichtkrull
The first ever Distributed Design Award was presented to Nextfood by Tomas Diez.

Design and the designer’s role is evolving and adapting to a new digitized world. We see the rise of a new approach to making products, Distributed Design that challenges how goods are produced and how customers relate to their products. The Distributed Design Award celebrates and supports the rise of distributed design: recognizing the innovative and disruptive potentials as well as its societal and environmental impact.

Among four finalists 4 innovative Danish solutions, The Copenhagen/Barcelona based company, Nextfood, was awarded as winner. Nextfood creates automated grow systems that makes growing delicious, healthy, pesticide-free vegetables easy and profitable for local businesses in the culinary sector. Nextfood opens up a trillion € market by creating an open source platform for the democratisation of hyper-local food production.

The jury, a group of leading designers, urbanists and entrepreneurs, was the following:

  • Thomas Madsen Mygdal, CEO & Co-Founder, Twentythree
  • Tomas Diez, Director of the Fab City Research Laboratory at IAAC
  • Simona Maschi, Co-founder and  CEO CIID
  • Daniel Charny, Creative Director at From Now On and Professor of Design at Kingston University 
  • Pil Bredahl, Design and Owner of Pil Bredahl Design

“We see a unique opportunity to address today’s global challenges in climate change and social exclusion through design. The democratization of access to disruptive technologies and power of global collaboration brings a new form of design, far from the industrial optimization and market driven purposes, it is the notion of Distributed Design as a new form to make design more accessible and impactful globally.” - TOMAS DIEZ

The finalists and winner: Stykka, Wikifactory, Beocreate and Nextfood are all awarded with a trip to the Fab City Grand Paris in July 2018, a major global event where designers, companies, thought leaders and cities convent to build shared visions for locally productive and digitally connected cities. As winner, Nextfood will particiate in the global Distributed Design Award in 2019.

Distributed Design Award 2018 is piloted by The Danish Design Centre and The Distributed Design Market Platform with support from Creative Europe. In 2019 the Distributed Design will be celebrated globally celebrations designers and makers from all over the world. 

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