The DIN Model
12. October 2014
A guide for design-driven innovation developed by the Danish Design Centre and intended for all private and public enterprises.

What is the DIN model?
The DIN model is a tool for developing superior solutions based on a design-driven approach. If you use this guide in your development process you will find:

  • that you achieve better and more innovative processes and results
  • that the likelihood of implementation is far greater
  • that you achieve a higher degree of user satisfaction
  • that your capacity to roll out the solutions is improved
The DIN Model
The tool for developing superior solutions using a design-driven approach.

Why the DIN model?
Today, there are many cooperation models and development processes to choose from. The general weakness in these models and processes, however, is the implementation stage. Too many good projects are never realised, despite sizeable investments. The DIN model was developed by the Danish Design Centre to demonstrate the advantages of the design-driven approach.

By using the DIN model and thus applying a design-driven approach to your development project you ensure:

  • that you uncover all the possibilities, limitations and potential pitfalls before you set out
  • that you have the option of pausing during the process and making the necessary adjustments
  • that you do not risk having the whole project run aground because of something you forgot to factor in
  • that you set the right team
  • that the users of the intended solutions are in focus
  • that the means fit the end

What is meant by a design-driven approach?
The DIN model is based on a design-driven approach. A design-driven approach means:

  • keeping the users in focus when you create innovation
  • working in multidisciplinary teams
  • thinking holistically and covering all the bases
  • translating complex user data and extensive research into specific solutions
  • putting things into a future perspective
  • creating solutions that make sense to everyone

More about the DIN model
The DDC is working on an updated guide to the DIN model. In the meantime, you can contact Project Manager Christina Melander for additional information about the DIN model.

See also the video ‘What is design-driven innovation? ’ about the DIN model.

Design-driven innovation is characterized by being user driven, holistic, future oriented and multidisciplinary. Project manager at the Danish Design Centre, Christina Melander, talks about the pros of design-driven innovation and presents the Danish Design Centres model for design-driven innovation, the DIN-Model.