Builders of the Future
16:00 - 18:00
Join the debate on 22 September when we discuss how a small country like Denmark can be the builders of the future. The event is organized by UNDERBROEN, The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA Design & Innovation, and the Danish Design Centre.
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16:00 - 18:00
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Fremtidens Fabrikation
KPH Volume
Enghavevej 80-82
2450 København SV
Builders of the future


The Builders of the Future event explores how we as a society can educate entrepreneurial citizens that are able to create solutions to future challenges. The event seeks to debate both how we can prepare ourselves to a labour market affected by gig-economy and automation and ask how do we navigate in a world where problems and solutions are global? How can a small country like Denmark be the builders of the future?

The event is organised by Danish Design Centre, UNDERBROEN and The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA Design & Innovation and is part of Danish Design Centre’s Future Fabrication program and IDA’s Startup initiative. Additionally, this particular event in our debate event series is also a side event to the Copenhagen Maker Festival, which takes place September 23-25 2016. For more background check Future Fabrication and Copenhagen Maker.

The event will be in English and is part of the Copenhagen Tech Fest.

Questions for the debate: 

  • How does the future of work look like?
  • Which skills and mindset are in demand if we want to be builders of future?
  • How can we create a 'builders of the future' ecosystem?
  • What are the ingredients in an innovative and entrepreneurial DNA?

The event is free and requires sign-up via Billetto.

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Maria Flyvbjerg Bo
Maria Flyvbjerg Bo

Maria Flyvbjerg Bo founded her first company at the age of 16 and has been an active entrepreneur ever since. Today she is the co-founder of Hufsy, a fintech startup that develops future banking solutions for smaller companies. She is also one of the founders of the flatshare for entrepreneurs Nest Copenhagen. Before Flyvbjerg founded Hufsy she worked at EVRY Financial Services Innovation Lab, where she helped banks disrupt themselves. Find her on LinkedIn or tweet her @MariaFlyvbjerg.

Simon Herzog
Simon Herzog

Simon Herzog Simon teaches designers about business and business people about design. With a background in sociology from Columbia University, early-stage investing in New York’s startup scene, and interaction design at CIID, he has worked in environments such as prisons, project buildings, and venture capital boardrooms. Based in Copenhagen, he built and manages the Nest startup incubator at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. As an interaction and service designer, he has worked with clients such as LEGO and Philips Healthcare, and as a startup advisor has supported dozens of emerging companies.

Peter Hesseldahl
Peter Hesseldahl

Peter Hesseldahl works with strategic forecasting, analysing the trends that shape the future and examining how the needs and opportunities that characterise society and business are changing. Hesseldahl drives a number of research projects, among them the We-economy project, which examines how the organisation of value creation changes in an economy characterised by digital networks and platforms.

Hesseldahl is head of PlatformX, a strategic unit at the University of Southern Denmark, which initiates radical innovation projects to modernise higher education. As an in-house futurist at LEGO and Danfoss, and as a consultant for a number of Danish and international companies Hesseldahl has advised on innovation and strategy. As a journalist Peter Hesseldahl has covered the forefront of science and technology for newspapers, radio and television for almost two decades.
 Peter Hesseldahl is the author of five books, and he is just now finishing a new book titled ”The We-economy”.

Rasmus Fangel
Rasmus Fangel

Rasmus Fangel Rasmus has a strong desire to reimagine libraries. He is a trained librarian and manager of the new Copenhagen library strategy at the City of Copenhagen. As a former manager of Copenhagen Fablab – the first Fablab in Copenhagen – he developed and taught the FabSchool programme. With the librarian's unique approach to learning and inspiration, he has explored new ways of teaching based on the Fablab. Rasmus is recognised as a capacity in the field and he has spoken on the subject in numerous international events. Rasmus has also received several innovation awards for his work with the solar powered beach library in Copenhagen and is a very active cyclist.