Future Design – Prepare for an uncertain future with foresight as a design tool 
How will the climate crisis impact future markets and demands? Will new and broad professionalism challenge the way we work? What will our customers and users expect from us? In a turbulent present, design can be a powerful tool to prepare for the future.
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Summer school
1473 Copenhagen

Through a five-day intensive, interactive, and hands-on course, you will learn to build and communicate future scenarios from which you can design and influence the future of your organisation and your profession. 

We will cover the most essential tools and approaches from foresight, mega trends, design methodology, speculative design, and design management.

You will have the opportunity to apply the tools in practice, working with a shared case in cross-disciplinary teams, while also tackling a professional challenge of your own choice. We will take you into the field for a full, immersive learning experience, where you will learn how to apply and utilize the co-design methods and foresight tools in practice. Finally, the course will introduce and discuss leadership practices needed to maximise the benefit of Future Design and design thinking for driving organisational change.

The goal is to provide you with a range of proven tools to prepare your organisation for an uncertain future. 

The Danish Design Centre has trained specialists and decision makers from all around the world in design methods for the past decade. In a turbulent and ambiguous present, traditional forecasting tools are increasingly becoming obsolete, and more and more companies and organisations are turning to foresight and Future Design to shape their strategy for the future. We look forward to shaping the next with you.

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Who are you?

  • You have probably already had a professional encounter and experience with design in the context of innovation and/or business development
  • You possess a specialist and/or executive role in your organisation and have the mandate to suggest or decide on strategic decisions of development
  • You know that it is impossible to predict the future, but you are up for challenging status quo and start building the future your organisation needs
  • You are ready to work and share experiences with people from both private and public sector, because you know that working across fields and professions creates the best learning and solutions

After the five-day course, you will:

  • Be able to build future scenarios based on current mega trends and business trends
  • Have hands-on experience using future scenarios and speculative design as a foundation for strategic innovation and future impact
  • Have a higher level of understanding and practice of using design as a force for change and innovation
  • Have insights and inspiration from the field through cases and research within the field of foresight, design thinking, and innovation

Time and place, reservations and price
The course will take place in the Copenhagen innovation hub BLOX. BLOX houses The Danish Design Center, The Danish Architecture Center, BLOXHUB, and around 100 small and medium-sized companies working primarily with urbanisation and sustainability. BLOX is located in the historical center of Copenhagen, from where you will have easy access to explore and experience the city.

The number of participants is limited, and we will be setting a diverse group in order to give you the best chance of contributing to and learning from other professionals.

To reserve your spot, send an email to Head of Academy, Brian Frandsen at

Shortly hereafter, you will receive an invitation to fill in information about you, your organisation, and your motivation for participating in the course.

The total course fee, including lunch and materials, is DKK 25.000 + VAT. 
Transportation, accommodation, and other meals are not included.

Our educators and experts
Our educators and experts
You will be trained and guided throughout the week by Danish Design Centre’s specialists in the field of foresight, Future Design, and design management, along with external experts and practitioners within the field of foresight and design. Read more about them below: