Is the production of the future local, circular and digital?
9:00 - 13:00
A new innovative consortium will explore the future of production. Join us for the kick-off conference in Carlsberg Byen in Copenhagen Friday, 8 September 2017 at. 9-13.
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9:00 - 13:00
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The Danish Design Centre, Maker, Manufacture Copenhagen, Et. Al., The City of Copenhagen and Centre for Circular Economy
Carlsberg Byen
1799 København

The Danish Design Centre, The City of Copenhagen, Maker, Manufacture Copenhagen, Centre for Circular Economy and the design agency Et. AL. now take the initiative for a Danish consortium that brings together the industry, the public sector and citizen initiatives aiming to unfold how the future of production can take shape in Denmark. From mass production in the Far East to digital, customized goods in short series produced close to the consumer. And from a throwaway mentality to circular economy.

This will happen by carrying out systematic experiments that explore how Denmark can be a pioneer for digitally driven local and decentralized production. And by running initiatives to unfold open source innovation and circular economy.

The consortium will create meetings between stakeholders who otherwise never meet: the 3D-printing experts meets the CEO, craftsmen meet start-ups, makers meet the city’s decision maker – in a joint effort to apply new digital technologies for rethinking the way we create and consume commodities and how we develop digital and circular business models for the future.

The consortium is part of the Global Fab City Initiative that consists of more than 1.200 Fab Labs, companies and organisations. This network transforms big cities around the world into Fab Cities: Digital based on local production and circular economy, connected via digital data sharing and where designs and business models are shared and scaled globally in real time.

By participating in the kick-off summit, you will get free participation in:

  • A consortium consisting of stakeholders form the industry, technology frontrunners, enthusiasts and cities aiming to act and not just talk.
  • Direct connection to FAB CITY’s global network of innovators, companies and decision makers


08.45 - 09.00: Coffee & registration

09.00-09.15: Welcome - Thomas Jakobsen, Director, City of Copenhagen, The Culture and Leisure Administration

09.15-09.30: Locally Productive & Globally Connected Cities – Thomas Diez, Instigator of The Global FabCity Initiative

09.30-09.45: From Fab Lab to Fab City - Thomas Ermacora, Urbanist & Technologist

09.45 - 10.00: Distributed Manufacturing - Liz Corbin, researcher at the Institute of Making

10.00-10.15: Transforming Business to an open and circular model - Nat Hunter, Strategic Director of Machines Room

10.15-10.30: Break

10.30-12.00: 3 Work sessions

1.  From Fab Lab to Fab City - Scaling solutions for sustainable growth - moderated by Mikkel Christian Knudsen Holst, Advisor to the City of Copenhagen

2. Distributed Manufacturing - The future of how we make products - moderated by Prisca Vilsbol & Kirsti Reitan Andersen, Manufacture Copenhagen

3. Transforming business to an open & circular model, moderated by Gitte Haar, Center for Circular Economy Wrap up

12.30 - 13.00: Lunch

13.00 - Free tickets to Copenhagen Maker Festival

The conference is presented by the Danish Design Centre, Maker, Manufacture Copenhagen, Et. Al., The City of Copenhagen and Centre for Circular Economy.

Do you wish to sign up for the event or do you have any questions? Write an email to with a few words about your interest in the initiative.