Fab City Global Initiative
1. February 2019
Fab City is a global network that brings cities, organisations, companies and thought leaders together to build locally productive, globally connected cities and citizens by enabling the return of manufacturing to cities supported by a new circular model.
Agnete Schlichtkrull

Danish Design Centre is part of the Fab City Initiative

Fab City comprises a Network of 28 cities, a core Collective and is governed by The Fab City Foundation in collaboration with the Danish Design Center, represented in the foundation’s supervisory board by Programme Director Julie Hjort.

The Danish Design Centre has been part of Fab City since 2016 and have supported the work of pushing for more locally productive, people-centred and economically sustainable cities. E.g. by hosting the Fab City Summit in 2017 together with The City of Copenhagen and actively contributing to Fab City initiated projects such as the Distributed Design Market Platform, SISCODE - Co-design for Society Innovation in Science and REFLOW - Constructive Metabolic Processes for Material Flows in Urban and Peri-urban Environments across Europe.  Moreover, the Danish Design Centre, with the lead of Director of Digital and Future Thinking Christian Villum, has spearheaded ambitious work to support the implementation of open-source business models in the manufacturing industry with the REMODEL programme.

If you wish to learn more about the Fab City initiative and to participate in the work, please contact programme directors Christian Villum and Julie Hjort.

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