Fab City Summit Copenhagen 2017
30. August 2017
Experts in the field of digital fabrication, design, urbanism, blockchain technologies, big data, urban manufacturing, circular economy and social innovation gather in Copenhagen this September for the Fab City Summit 2017.
Fab City Summit Copenhagen 2017

The Fab City global initiative members gather in Copenhagen for the Fab City Summit 2017. During the 7th and 8th of September 2017, experts in the field of digital fabrication, design, urbanism, blockchain technologies, big data, urban manufacturing, circular economy and social innovation, will work on the establishment of actions and strategies to build locally productive and globally connected cities for the next 36 years, following the Barcelona Fab City pledge. Connected with the trends on Industry 4.0, automation, AI, digital fabrication, synthetic biology, blockchain and other major tech disruptions, Fab City is working on establishing a global network of makers and doers, supported on the Fab Lab Network, governments, policy makers and Design networks, in order to make a more inclusive and circular future for the urban living.

The first Fab City Summit was organised in Amsterdam during the EU presidency of The Netherlands, and before Paris 2018 , the Fab City Collective comes to Copenhagen with representation of more than 10 countries that are working to develop both local and global strategies for cities to be more resilient, inclusive and sustainable. Under the tagline: “locally productive, globally connected cities” the Fab City project has emerged from Fab Lab Barcelona (IAAC), the MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, and the Fab Foundation, as an active force to scale up the impact of digital fabrication in society, in order to transform the future of urban living. This started in Barcelona in 2014 when the city officially committed to produce everything it consumes by 2054 using advanced technologies, local materials, innovation and citizen empowerment. 14 cities, 2 regions and two countries are now part of the construction of a new economic model based on abundance, inclusion and open collaboration.

A roadmap for the next 36 years
The Fab City agenda aims to develop and construct an operative roadmap for the next 36 years, towards 2054. Having more than half of the world living in cities, it is imperative for cities to transform the way they consume and produce energy, food, products, water or data, in order to make a more sustainable and inclusive future. With the speed of urbanisation in developing countries in Africa and Asia, the future of the planet’s ecosystems is at risk, as well as the wellbeing of inhabitants in cities. The long term vision of Fab City is being supported by a series of short and mid term strategies that allow the construction of the project while it is being established.

During the last 3 years, the Fab City Global Initiative has been developed a set of local and global strategies to achieve the long term vision for cities to produce everything they consume. Some of these strategies are:

  • Fab City Campus: A short term intervention in cities to identify and map initiatives and to raise awareness of the potential of local production using advanced technology. Fab City campuses have been organised in Santiago de Chile and Amsterdam in the past

  • Fab City Prototypes: A mid term intervention at neighbourhood scale that allows cities to test technology solutions and community building before establishing policies or deploying larger plans. The Fab City Prototype strategy is being tested in Barcelona and Paris at the moment.

A set of additional strategies could be found here and more inputs from different teams working in cities here

The Fab City Summit goals
A major focus for the Fab City Global Summit will be the role of the maker movement as the enabler of a cultural shift towards local production of resources by cities and empowered citizens. Experts, researchers and practitioners from the field of urbanism, blockchain technologies, design, circular economy and social innovation will work in Copenhagen in the development of local and global strategies for Fab City to be operative in the short, mid and long terms, as well on working on new models of governance for the project itself.

During the days of the Fab City summit, a group of Fab City participants will inspire and influence two major Copenhagen-based events as speakers: Copenhagen Maker -  a festival celebrating maker culture within the field of technology, crafts and design and Techfestival, a festival that examines technology developments and its impacts on us as humans, with 100+ events.

Some of the Fab City Summit participants are: Indy Johar, Giulio Quaggiotto, Daniel Charny, Liz Corbin, Mara Balestrini, Sharon Baurley, to name a few.  

See the full list for the Global FabCity Summit in Copenhagen.

The Fab City Gobal summit present the following connected events:

The Fab City summit is hosted by the Danish Design Centre, The City of Copenhagen, SPACE10, Maker and Techfestival.