Danish design at SXSW Interactive 2017
25. November 2016
The Danish Design Centre is putting design on the agenda at the technology conference SXSW Interactive with the panel debate Share or Die about open source hardware business models of the future, along with a series of events concerning cities, health and circular economy.
SXSW Interactive 2017

SXSW Interactive is one the world’s largest and most inspiring conferences when it comes to new technologies, new markets, media and design, and it is where some of the world’s most creative and radical innovators meet to find world class inspiration.

Danish Design Centre is facilitating a number of different initiatives, both before and during SXSW. In collaboration with our affiliates in Finland and Sweden, DesignForum Finland and SVID, we are creating a series of workshops that highlight the use of strategic design within three themes: Health, city development and future fabrication. The three workshops will be a combination of talks by Nordic experts and companies and will implement a range of interactive elements allowing the participants to try Nordic design methods in practice.

Our SXSW-team, which counts CEO Christian Bason, Peter Kamph, Christian Villum and Runa Sabroe, are looking forward to putting Danish and nordic design on the agenda at this great event, in collaboration with a wide range of Danish and nordic businesses and other stakeholders.  


Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Informal get-together before SXSW

As a warm-up for SXSW we would like to set the scene and meet other Danish and nordic stakeholders participating in the 2017 edition of the conference - as well as initiate a dialogue about the conference themes with our domestic network. That’s why we are hosting an informal get-together before departure at Klub in Linnésgade in Copenhagen. The event is for the members of Klub and Danish Design Centre's own network of designers and businesses going to SXSW. Sign up, come by, have a drink and kickstart SXSW with us.  


If you are reading this and participating in SXSW, we would love to hear from you - either through the event mentioned above or by email: Christian Villum,, or Runa Sabroe, There are several possibilities for collaboration during this year's SXSW, either in relation to the activities above or in the shape of further actions.