Podcast: Design thinking shapes the cities of the future
20. December 2016
The technology magazine TechCrunch met Danish Design Centre's Christian Villum for a talk on new technologies, design thinking, and visions for liveable, future cities.
Christian Villum (second from left) in a panel debate at the Smart City Expo conference in Barcelona.

In this podcast the big American technology-online magazine Techcrunch interviews Danish Design Centre’s Christian Villum following his participation in a panel debate about new technologies at the Smart City Expo conference in Barcelona back in November.

The conversation focuses on how cities can embrace the many, new disruptive technologies, involve citizens and businesses in creating the vision of the city and how to create the future ideal cities using design thinking. During the talk they touch upon cultural differences between Denmark and the US, technological happiness measurements in Dubai, the potential of open data and, most importantly, why new technologies should be met with both a critical look but also a large portion of optimism.

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: Designer Christian Villum talks about the future of intelligently-designed cities