Next Business

We want to empower businesses with the Danish Design DNA, enabling them to interact with the surrounding markets, people and society in creating their future business models.
Agnete Schlichtkrull

With its strong digital infrastructure, well-educated workforce and flat hierarchies, Denmark has the ideal conditions for our businesses to lead the transition to new business models.

Companies can utilize the Danish Design DNA as a resource in shaping new products and services and to build valuable alliances with clients, partners, technology, markets and the environment.

Working with businesses, policymakers can develop more agile frameworks, shaping and adapting to the markets of tomorrow.

Below, you can read more about what we do at Next Business.

100 SMEs speed up their digitalization process through design sprints.

As a participant in Sprint:Digital, companies receive a fully facilitated sprint based on a concrete project, idea or challenge. In collaboration with designers, through the course of 5 consecutive work days, the company will work towards an effective business plan for their digitalization.

REMODEL is a design-driven sprint process helping companies to develop open and community-driven business models.

Together with international and Danish experts, the Danish Design Centre explores how to design competitive business models for manufacturing companies based on open source principles. In 2018, 10 Danish manufacturing companies participated in the programme – and the toolkit is now publicly available.

Design mentors
The design mentors is a corps of Denmark’s leading designers within digitalization, business development, service design and industrial design advise decision makers and their organizations in applying design methods and mindsets

The mentors work to strengthen the business development of SMEs by qualifying their use of designers and design methods.

In the EU project SISCODE the Danish Design Centre aims to crack the code of successful political co-creation together with partners from all over Europe.

SISCODE is a three-year program funded by the EU, helping innovation environments to embed technological tools at a policy maker-level through design processes and co-creation.

Distributed Design Market Platform
The Distributed Design Market Platform acts as an exchange and networking hub for the European Maker Movement.

The initiative aims at developing and promoting the connection between designers, makers and the market.

Fab City
Fab City is a global network that brings cities, organisations, companies and thought leaders together to build locally productive, globally connected cities.

Fab City comprises a network of 28 cities, and is governed by The Fab City Foundation in collaboration with the Danish Design Centre.