Nilfisk: Reaching a four-year goal in half the time
5. December 2016
When Nilfisk in 2012 started working on a new line of vacuums they decided to approach the development process in a different way than they were used to.

Nilfisk has a long tradition of technological innovation, but the company wished to create a new product in which the improvements meet the needs of the users to a larger extent than other hoovers on the market.

Cooperating with designers is not new to Nilfisk, but this time the company was looking for a partner with experience in translating user studies and insights into concrete solutions. In cooperation with design-people, Nilfisk created the AERO model; a particularly user-friendly vacuum which is easier and safer to use.

The success of the AERO vacuum can be seen in our increased sales numbers. Our four-year goal was reached after just two years. We're still waiting for the increase to subside.

Thomas Elmer, Group Product Manager, Nilfisk ALTO

design-people was in charge of a comprehensive user-involvement, in which craftsmen were observed in their daily work, and salesmen and industrial companies in Denmark and Europe were interviewed and involved in the process. After the AERO was launched in 2013 it won prestigious design awards such as the Red Dot award and the IF award.

Watch the video about the creation of the AERO-model.