Presentations from Experimentation by Design 2017
18. December 2017
Get inspiration from a day of exploring how to design, run and gain value from systematic experiments.

On 7 December 2017, the Danish Design Centre and the Danish Business Authority invited decision makers across leading private and public organisations to explore how to design, run and gain value from systematic experiments at the symposium Experimentation by Design.

The event include keynotes by leading figures in business and policy innovation, and now you can get inspired by selected materials from the day.
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Selected links:

World Economic Forum on the Fourth Industrial Revolution:
The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Klaus Schwab
The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, how to respond


Selected presentations from the day:

Gorka Espiau: The Basque Experience - Large Scale transformation under extreme difficulties
Gorka Espiau is Professor of Practice CRIEM/CIRM at McGill University.
Hanne Harmsen: Innovation Fund Denmark
Hanne Harmsen is Executive Vice President of Innovation Fund Denmark.
Jesper Grønbæk - Designing for Experimentation @ TDC Busines
Jesper Grønbæk is Vice President & Head of Growth, TDC, Copenhagen.
Lucy Kimbell: Experimentation by Design - Perspectives from research
Lucy Kimbell is Director, Innovation Insights Hub & Professor of Contemporary Design Practices, University of the Arts London.
Rainer Kattel: Future Innovation Systems
Rainer Kattel is Professor of Innovation and Public Governance, Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, University College London.
Simon Haldrup: Disrupting a 150-year-old organisation
Simon Haldrup is Global Head of Business Development, Wealth Management, Danske Bank.
Torsten Andersen: Experimentation: Designing policy in a rapidly changing world
Torsten Andersen is Vice Director, Danish Business Authority.
Torben Klitgaard: Designing for transformation at scale – the case of BLOXHUB
Torben Klitgaard is Director of BLOXHUB.
Christian Bason: Experimentation by Design - New avenues to business growth and policy impact
Christian Bason is CEO, Danish Design Centre.