Sara Solveig Ørnsholt

Executive Assistant (maternity leave)
+45 4050 3206
Sara Solveig Ørnsholt
Agnete Schlichtkrull
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Sara Solveig Ørnsholt is personal assistant to Christian Bason, who is the CEO of the Danish Design Centre and Design Society. In addition to keeping Christian’s workday on track, Sara also serves as secretary to the board of Design Society and coordinates Design Society’s framework agreement with the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and the Capital Region of Denmark. Sara also plays a key role in impact measurements of the Danish Design Centre’s activities, overseeing the continuous development of the impact measurement system to ensure that organisational learning receives its natural focus along with documentation and result measurements at the Danish Design Centre.

Sara brings substantial experience from the IT University in Copenhagen and the City of Copenhagen, assisting and working with administrators, politicians and private stakeholders. Her personal ambition of helping to improve qualified cooperation between the public and private sectors via innovation has led her to specialise in evaluation and impact measurement of innovation and development projects.

Well schooled, with an MA in English and psychology from Aarhus University, Sara makes a virtue of communicating even the fairly technical topics of policy issues and impact measurement in a way that conveys the relevance and impact clearly to everyone involved.