Save the date: Designing Open Business symposium, November 5th 2018
24. September 2018
During the REMODEL design-sprint where 10 cutting-edge Danish manufacturing companies developed brand new business models based on open source principles, we have collected massive troves of learnings about open source hardware economy, business strategy and business models. This creates a tremendous foundation for further experimentation, discussion and exploration this is why we invite you to our symposium, Designing Open Business, on November 5th.

This is an opportunity for everyone to take a dive into some of the world’s most cutting-edge know-how in the field of open source hardware business development. Not only will participants be able to meet all the 10 manufacturing companies which have completed the REMODEL design-sprint and are currently working to implement their new open source hardware business strategies, but you will also be able to meet a large section of our REMODEL expert panel, and dive into the REMODEL tools and methodologies, which are in the process of being transformed into an online toolkit (to be launched this fall), that is easy (and free) for anyone in the world to use to build sustainable open source hardware business models and communities of co-creators themselves.

Format of the event
The REMODEL conference will be a part of a full day program of talks, debates, workshops and interactions. The main purpose is on one hand to share everything that we have learned but also connect to the larger eco-system of practitioners in the field including companies (SMEs), academia and business innovation experts. The day is split in two sections, which require separate registration:

  • Designing Open Business (09.00-12.00) where we will present cases, findings and learnings from the first 10 companies that finished the REMODEL program this spring. Further, we will discuss open design in business and have workshops to give a sense of different tools to work with when exploring and developing new open source business models. For this part, we invite all companies and people interested in exploring new business models based on open source principles.

  • Design Delivers (13.00-17.00) (In Danish). For the afternoon we will go to Danish Industry (DI), where Danish Design Centre will be co-hosting a conference focused on design in business. Everyone interested in exploring the broader perspective on use of design in business, including open innovation and REMODEL, is welcome.

Why organize a conference?
In the Danish Design Centre we work from a principle which we call Open by default which not only means in legal terms that everything we do is openly licensed, unless specifically stated otherwise (for instance if there are certain requests from collaborators because of sensitive information), but also to signal clearly that we believe that innovation is stronger, faster and more scalable when it is open, collaborative and iterative. In other words: Standing on the shoulders of giants (and letting others stand on yours) makes it easier for all of us to become giants ourselves.

We hope to see as many as possible at the event on November 5, 2018, in Copenhagen and will return soon with more details including the full program. Participation in both parts of the day will be free of charge, you just need to register separately. Read more here.

Get notifications and news about the event
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In the meantime, if you have questions or would like to speak at the event, please get in touch with Christian Villum on cvi@ddc.dkor Mads Ohland-Andersen on


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