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Danish Design Centre strengthens Danish SME's by helping them to generate growth through design.
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Agnete Schlichtkrull

In Denmark, more than 99 percent of active enterprises in the private and public sectors fall within the term SMEs (less than 250 employees), and together they account for about half of total employment (source: Statistics Denmark).

From our office in Kolding, we pay particular attention to SMEs. Here, we offer a wide range of tailor-made processes that help companies with specific challenges in everything from digitalization to new production methods and green conversion.

Processes are based on design methods and tools that have proven to be valuable for both the bottom line and business development. Several studies show that companies that use design strategically increase both their revenue and profits significantly.

Learn how to use design
Learn how to use design
Together with Design School Kolding, we offer training in design methods.
Design in the organisation
Design in the organisation
Do you wish to implement design in the organisation? Read more about the different projects and courses you and your company can participate in.
Sprint your way to digital transformation
In the Sprint:Digital program, Danish SME's have the opportunity to explore and develop a digital solution based on a concrete problem proposition within just 5 days.
Empinno: What do we measure efforts?
The Danish Design Centre is a partner in a national project, which is about how regional authorities and business promoters can better measure the outcome of projects financed by public funds. What should be measured? How do we measure? How often should it be measured?
We create ongoing challenges in collaboration with The Danish Business Authority, Danish municipalities, foundations and other stakeholders to focus on new solutions from a wide range of companies and create inspiration.

Among them, is the Circular Construction Challenge within Circular Construction, the Life Data Challenge within Health Data and the Smart & Close - Circular Data Challenge.

You can keep up to date with new challenges here on our website, on our social channels and on

REFLOW- less waste in the cities
REFLOW- less waste in the cities
REFLOW examines how cities can minimize waste and increase recycling using new technology

In the EU project, we invite SMEs to work on the global waste problem and provide concrete examples of how cities can minimize waste and increase recycling using new, advanced digital technology.

REMODEL is a design-driven sprint process that helps companies develop open and community-driven business models.

In dialogue with international and Danish experts, the Danish Design Centre explores how to design competitive business models for manufacturing companies based on open source principles. In 2018, 10 Danish manufacturing companies participated in the process.

Distributed Design Market Platform
Distributed Design Market Platform
Distributed Design Market Platform acts as an exchange and networking platform for the European maker movement.

The initiative aims to develop and promote the connection between designers, makers and the market.

Design Mentors
Design Mentors
The design mentors are a carefully selected team of Denmark's sharpest designers in digitalisation, business development, service design and industrial design, who are available to give decision makers and their organizations an introduction to design.

The mentors work to strengthen the business development of small and medium-sized businesses by qualifying their use of designers and design methods.


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