SXSW 2017: From waste to profit: Creating business-cases from circular thinking
The third and last event in collaboration with DesignForum Finland and SVID puts focus on the design of circular business models in production companies.
SXSW 2017: From waste to profit: Creating business-cases from circular thinking
Agnete Schlichtkrull

Monday, March 13th, 2017

Panel debate/workshop (side event): ‘From waste to profit: Creating business cases from circular thinking’

  • Place: Palm Door, 508 E 6th St, Austin TX.
  • Time: Monday, March 13th, 4.30-5.30 pm.
  • Sign up: None, but show up in good time to secure a seat.


  • Anders Buchmann, B&O/BeoCreate
  • Katarina Holmdahl, Garden Ox

  • Christian Bason, Danish Design Centre

Moderator: Chairman of Board for Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, Alex Liebert.

The third and last event in collaboration with DesignForum Finland and SVID puts focus on the design of circular business models in production companies.

How might circular thinking for outdated products and disposable packaging not only change our thinking about sustainability but also become a starting point for new product ideas and powerful business cases? What if a more holistic approach towards product circularity could build new interactions between manufacturers and consumers and create incentives towards upcycling of products, components, packaging and the creation of new business opportunities?

This session will dive head first into these questions through presentations of innovative business cases, panel Q&A and interactive discussions with the audience. 

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About the speakers


Anders Buchmann
Anders Buchmann

Anders Buchmann is Creative Strategist at BeoCreate - a start-up within Bang & Olufsen. BeoCreate brings a start-up mind-set to explore and develop new solutions for B&O’s current and future challenges. Anders came to B&O in 2016 to spearhead BeoCreate on the commercial side of things. He is a successful entrepreneur, has just short of a decade of agency experience under his belt and developed campaigns, strategies and products for businesses ranging from Kickstarter’s to Coca-Cola.

Katarina Holmdahl
Katarina Holmdahl

Katarina Holmdahl has degrees in Environmental Biology and English Communications, and worked as an independent filmmaker for several years. She has since switched to run a startup in Green Technology, and is passionate about Blue Economy, Social Justice, Sports and Permaculture.

Alex Liebert
Alex Liebert

Alex Liebert is a passionate leader, change agent, educator and speaker. He works as Partner, Business Development at Usify and leads the Örebro business, focusing on helping organizations to unleash their full potential. The former global design leader at Atlas Copco has developed and directed its Industrial Design Competence Center and was instrumental in building its design culture. Alex serves as Chairman of the Board at SVID, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation and as Expert Tutor, at Umea Institute of Design, where he teaches design strategy to the Master of Advanced Product Design.