Velux: User-centered visions
5. December 2016
At Velux, design is first and foremost about creating meaning for their users and clients. Design is a lot more than just surface.

The vision of VELUX, founded by Villum Kann Rasmussen in 1941, has been present since day one: To bring daylight and fresh air into people's everyday lives, and to create a living space under slanted roofs. A user-centered vision which is not based on a product description, but rather on the needs and wishes of VELUX future clients.

Design is a conscious orchestrating of the value, we at VELUX wish to create for our customers with the clear purpose of doing good business.

Michael K. Rasmussen, Senior Vice President Brand in VELUX Group

At VELUX, design is first and foremost about creating meaning for their users and customers. Design is a lot more than just surface – it is also the method used for product development. The fact that experiments and learning through prototyping are more important than the predictions of experts is embedded in the company's culture. The program Model Home 2020, introduced by VELUX in 2009, is the result of an experimental process in which interdisciplinary teams consisting of architects, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs developed a vision of buildings of the future, and constructed six concrete experiments in the shape of living spaces where energy efficiency and indoor climate is tested in praxis.

Designers and design methods are a central part of the processes at VELUX that contribute to creating brand cohesion.